Do Not Throw Water after Rice Is Boiled, But for This Purpose, You Can Save Thousands Of Rupees Each Month.

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London (Newsdesk) All people, especially for women, do not want to get knives, chest and nail acne on their face and for thousands of rupees each month on cream for this purpose, but if you use rice water You can avoid these artificial creams. After boiling the boats for 20 minutes on light intake, keep it in a bottle instead of throwing it water. Let’s tell you different uses.

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Skin Fatigue

If you want to keep your skin fresh, then add rice to it. Due to this, dead cells present on the skin will end, as well as new skin. After washing the face, add rice to the rope socks and massage it on the face.

Nail Acne Treatment

If you start nail acne on skin, it will recover from the boiling water on the skin and you will be able to save nails without any cream.


Instead of using a conditioner to wash the head, wash the hair with rice water and wait for a short time after washing the hair with semi-hot water. Due to what is the case, hair will be soft and soft but not only hair I can repeat three times.

Eczema Treatment

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Those people who should be suffering from epilephalic acheema should use rice instead of making cream. People find this problem that they have a complaint on the skin, irritation, and irritation on the skin. Such people should have body The part on which it is difficult to drink the water of rice in two to three times a day.

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