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Brief of Porter and Six Things about Net A Porter.Com Magazine

October 29, 2016 | By | Reply More

Cover of the first issue of the magazine Attal Star – It’s Friday morning, and Victoria station in London and New York at Grand Central Terminal, the peak time for thousands of passengers slowly handsome image of Gisele Bundchen in their tracks it will be close.

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With these important newsstands through these stations cover in an envelope, and 5 pounds, six issues per year, and the team behind the magazine – “powered by Net Porter.com ” – 16,000 points of distribution two countries have established networks. Editor in Chief Lucy Yeomans accused holders first truly global fashion production and, therefore, will be available in 58 other countries. With this, of course, through the network Porter.com.

Brief of Porter and Six Things about Net-A-Porter.Com Magazine

Luxury Telegraph today, we Yeomans, founder Natalie Massenet, who from North Carolina, and distribution of the journal Grove, Tess Macleod Smith spoke. We are also in fashion for almost two years now we filtered through the air was a bit of gossip that contains Porter.

Net magazine about six things Porter.Com

1. Cover

Shot of Dutch photographers Inez and Vinoodh, Gisele opened on deck by the image heating a) is personal piece ( highest price b ) within a reasonable time brought home sign : “I want all women special and All you are ” ) feeling.

Cover Yeomans said, ” gave way behind my expectations… I coverline Gisele word” meaning ” important”), we can see that the freckles Gisele is the fact that the feeling is – and crow’s feet..

2. Satire

Gisele “feel ” you say ? This magazine is not English ? Why is the United States? Attal time because I will go on sale in many countries, the editorial team decided to go to America English – AK ‘ after U “with a blatant disregard.

3. Song – I got over the fact that once you are in the United States

They are very good! Here are some of the best bargains.

“Just everyone has a camera in your pocket, and remember that you, the chances are not famous or unknown, even to leave the house with nice hair. ” – Carole Radziwill, and mystery is dead ?

” He does not have to be a white wig was pretty quiet. ” – Andy Warhol, David Bailey and missed

“No, I loved the book ” – which use the Kindle Victoria Beckham, if requested.

” Said remember waking up in the United States and were fed with fruit and workshops for them for breakfast and eat sweets, which are colorful, thought strange. ” – In step Zhukhova Dasha Russian as a child in Texas.

“I’m John Varley [executive director of Barclays Group] rang and ‘ hello, need some money, you say?” – The Committee received £ 30000000, which, in 2008, and arbitration saving £ 3.5 billion Barclays Bank Amanda Staveley.

” Randy is made [ her husband ] Turkey meat with pasta and spinach pasta salad, but I’ll have to do it all ” – the food government Cindy Crawford.

4. Imagery

Gisele, and Uma Thurman, or otherwise, of course, a lot of shoots his subjects in a warm, focused on a more intimate perspective. Because Natalie Massenet, who says, ” You’re not just a magazine image waterproof fashion for women are shown to be – in the study, synthetic, and wear a bra generation Instagram pushed up from the magazine position, and what we see all that is a thousand times more beautiful.. “

5. ” Shoppability ” – The international price

Porter Digital Edition Apple and Google News will premiere on love holiday will be available for download. Prices vary from country to country – but this will be completely and smoothly shoppable Porter committed. The features will be selling 260 brands via the web -A- Porter, but this remains outside NA means that it is a fair bit of product – 24/7 concierge service to find the magazine to make contact. Moreover, the application of N scan the paper version and the product will be delivered directly through your phone supports use. Multiply by 28 EUR obtain two copies of the paper and digital edition, with six issues per year – however – the best deal for the striker.

Attal, prices here tend to cover the rest of the world: Europe $ 9.99, Australia $ 12.95 / NZ $ 14.90 / Hong Kong / United Arab Emirates, 60.00 AED / Y 1750 Japan / Singapore dollars 18.90 to $ 100.00. In addition, Porter will be printed in Great Britain and the United States, while the company is looking for a printing press in Asia.

6. Policy

Fashion magazines will be more conservative than love or money on these pages offer editor of competition. But Porter, editor in chief of American Vogue, Anna Wintour, two games ago – and even get the picture. Wintour says in the first page of 46, which, as an aside, lamenting the lack of a secret in the age of social media in one piece. Hillary Clinton ‘s support is thanked for his work to support his sister in a piece on the net – Page 202 – the spread of the image. Attal, not dictated by it in its entirety for the marketing of the fashion magazine “reasonable ” to be stored for Net- A- Porter will feature brands such as buses, and participate in Wintour – maybe – of the United States to calm one stronger (hopefully ) to try to stand as the impact of new competitors in the influential editor.

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